We're your source for guitar repair and setup services

Get your guitar back in top shape. Story Teller Guitars offers in-house guitar setups and repairs for residents in Dexter, ME. From setting a new bone saddle to restringing your instrument, our experts can handle any guitar repair job efficiently. We even have the necessary resources to get more intricate repairs done off-site.

Don't let your guitar sit in a corner collecting dust - call 207-924-2240 today to learn more about our guitar repair and setup services.

How to maintain your guitar

If you're a guitarist, you probably understand how important guitar setups are. The adjustments made to your electric or acoustic guitar during its setup are essential to keep your instrument in playable condition.
When you bring your guitar to us, you can count on our team to:

  • Adjust your truss rod, action, bridge and nut
  • Clean your frets and fretboard
  • Hydrate, polish and restring your guitar
  • Tune your instrument by fixing the intonation
  • Buff and polish your entire guitar
Next time you need guitar repair or setup services in Dexter, ME, bring your instrument to our shop ASAP.