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Whether you're a vintage guitar collector or a local band member, you can rely on the pros from Story Teller Guitars to help you find the instrument you're looking for. Our music store is a bridge between the past and the present. We bring together vintage folk instruments as well as new and used guitars to cover all your musical interests.

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When you visit our music store in Dexter, ME, you can expect to find a friendly staff and a variety of high-quality stringed instruments. Depend on our skilled team to:

Complete guitar setups and repairs

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Offer 30-minute weekly instrument lessons

3 benefits of teaching your child to play an instrument

There are many benefits to helping your kid learn to play a guitar, flute or piano. In addition to providing a positive outlet for expression, taking your child to instrument lessons:

Teaches them perseverance, responsibility and patience
Helps them develop memory, comprehension and listening skills
Improves their coordination, problem-solving skills and self-esteem

To start seeing these improvements in your child, sign them up for instrument lessons in Dexter, ME today.